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Council Members

As mandated in the Denturism Act, 1991, the College Council is composed of a least seven and no more than eight members of the profession who are elected to Council and at least five and no more than seven individuals who are not members of the College and are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Elections to Council are conducted in June of each year.

The CDO Council elected the following Officers on June 17, 2022:

  • ​Lileath Claire - President

  • Kristine Bailey - Vice President

The current composition of the Council is as follows:

Professional Members – Elected members

   1.   Adam-Christian Mazzuca​, Denturist - District 1

   2.  Norbert Gieger, Denturist - District 2

   3.  Paul Karolidis, Denturist - District 3

   4.  Christopher Reis, Denturist - District 4

   5.  Garnett A. D. Pryce, Denturist - District 5

   6.  Abdelatif (Latif) Azzouz, Denturist - District 6

   7.  Joseph (Joey) Whang​, Denturist  - District 7 

   8.  Elizabeth (Beth) Gorham-Matthews, Denturist - District 8

Public Members – appointed by the Lieutenant Governor

  9.   Kristine Bailey - Public Appointee

  10.  Lileath Claire - Public Appointee

  11.   Gaganjot Singh - Public Appointee

  12.  Michael Bakshy - Public Appointee

  13.  Avneet Bhatia - Public Appointee

  14.  Aisha Hasan - Public Appointee