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Graduates of Ontario Colleges

Step 1: Qualifying Examination Initial Application

Individuals who wish to attempt the Qualifying Examination for the first time are required to submit a completed QE Initial Application package, including payment of any applicable fees.  This application is reviewed by the College to confirm that the educational requirement has been met. 

        QE Initial Application Package 


Below are the Individual documents found in the QE Initial Application Package:

Step 2: Qualifying Examination Registration

Following notification that the Qualifying Examination Initial Application has been approved, a candidate may register to take the Qualifying Examination.  


QE Registration Package


Below are the individual documents found in the QE Registration Package:

Please Note: Candidates who successfully complete the Qualifying Examination  must provide proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or have an authorization under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and proof of good character, when the application for a Certificate of Registration is submitted.

Registering for a Subsequent Attempt of the Qualifying Examination  

If you are applying to take the Qualifying Examination after either withdrawing or having been unsuccessful at an attempt of the exam, a completed Qualifying Examination Registration Form and the applicable fee are required.  However you are not required to provide photographs, official transcripts, or proof of identification from Step 1.

If you are registering for a re-attempt of the examination, please include your CDO Candidate ID number. 

Exam Accommodations

If you have a temporary or permanent physical impairment, or any persistent cognitive, psychological, sensory or learning impairment which substantially limits your participation in one or both components of the Qualifying Examination, you may make a request for specific accommodation.  Requests for specific accommodation are submitted in writing to the Registrar and accompany the Qualifying Examination Registration form. Details can be found in the College’s Qualifying Examination Special Needs Accommodation Policy

flow chart iconOntario Graduate Registration Flow Chart