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  • Jul 27 College Publishes Professional Code of Ethics The College has published the Code of Ethics that places into writing the core values and principles that form the foundation for ethical practice for all Registered Denturists. The core values identified in the Code of Ethics include accountability, beneficence, transparency, dignity, integrity, professionalism, and respect. Read More
  • Jun 12 Election Results for Districts 2, 3, 4 & 5 The following professional members have been elected to Council by acclamation: Mr. Norbert Gieger (District 2), Mr. Paul Karolidis (District 3), Mr. Christopher Reis (District 4), and Mr. Garnett A. D. Pryce (District 5). Congratulations to all! Read More

Registering as a Denturist

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In Ontario, only individuals with a current Certificate of Registration with the College can practise denturism or use the title “Denturist”.  The CDO’s registration process is governed by Ontario Regulation 833/93 – Registration Regulation.

This registration process is designed to ensure that individuals who receive a Certificate of Registration meet the entry level competencies and requirements that are essential to safe, competent and ethical denturism care for the people of Ontario. 
Individuals who wish to apply for a Certificate of Registration in Ontario must first pass the Qualifying Examination. Once a completed application has been submitted to the College, it is reviewed for completeness.  In instances where the applicant may not meet all of the registration requirements, the application is referred to the Registration Committee for review.  Individuals whose applications have been referred to the Registration Committee will receive notice of the referral.  Once an application has been referred to the Registration Committee it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the Committee to meet and reach a decision.  

Policy: Referral of a Registration Application to the Registration Committee

Registration Process Timelines


Third Party Application Services

No person or agency can guarantee that an application for registration will be successful. Consideration of an application proceeds  with established College regulations and policies.  

Jennifer Slabodkin, Manager, Registration, Quality Assurance and Policy
T: (416) 925-6331 ext. 224 • TF: 1 (888) 236-4326 ext. 224