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Mr. Robert A. Robert Carrier

Summary Gender: Male
Registration Information Registration Number: 326-76
Status: Revoked
Effective: 02/09/2007
Discipline History & Registration Restrictions: Yes
Conditions & Limitations: No
Undertakings: No
Discipline History & Registration Restrictions

Discipline Referral Date: April 11, 2006


Mr. Carrier filed an insurance claim form for Ms. M on October 24, 2005 while his certificate of registration was under suspension. On or about August 23, 2006, the Registrar again wrote to Mr. Carrier in follow up to his letter of June 19, 2006. The Registrar confirmed that the suspension of Mr. Carrier’s certificate of registration began on July 24, 2006. Mr. Robert Carrier continued to practice Denturism without meeting the requirements of an earlier Discipline Panel decision. Mr. Robert Carrier pleaded guilty to all charges of Professional Misconduct. The Panel finds that Mr. Robert Carrier has re-offended multiple times over a period of time. He has failed to comply with previous orders and has miss-represented himself as a licensed Denturist. Denturists are a Self-Regulating Profession, which is a privilege. The hallmark of this profession is to do what you are required to do in Self-Regulation. This was simply a failure and refusal by Mr. Robert Carrier to comply by the Self-Regulating rules. Mr. Robert Carrier has proven to be ungovernable in looking at previous decisions and the Panel finds the action of Revocation of his license as an appropriate decision.

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