Registered Denturists

Certificate of Registration: Renewal Fees, Dates & Forms

Certificate of Registration (COR) – Annual Renewal Fee

Annual Certificate of Registration Renewal Fee
$2,147.00 (1,900.00 + $247.00 HST)

Late Payment Fee

Fee for Reinstatement of COR - following suspension of Certificate due to non-payment of fees
$565.00 ($500.00 + $65.00 HST)

Service Charge for Declined Payments

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • Cheque made payable to “The College of Denturists of Ontario”
  • Pay online with Visa or MasterCard during renewal

COR Annual Renewal Deadline

The deadline for completing the renewal process, including payment of applicable fees is by 11:59 p.m. on April 14. Annual online renewal is available beginning March 1.



If you have a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for a Health Profession Corporation please keep in mind that the deadline for renewing your Certificate of Authorization with the College is also April 14 of each year. Please note that you have a separate login account for renewal of your Certificate of Authorization.

Certificate of Authorization Renewal for a Health Profession Corporation