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Registered Denturists

Applying for a Certificate of Authorization for a Health Profession Corporation

Members, who wish to apply to the College for a Health Profession Corporation Certificate of Authorization, must first incorporate under the Ontario Business Corporations Act through the Ministry of Government Services.
Please note, unlike other Corporations, Health Profession Corporations have several restrictions with respect to shareholding,  the naming  of the Corporation, and the nature of business conducted by  the Corporation.

Information pertaining to establishing a Health Profession Corporation can be found at the links below:  

Legislation, Regulations & By-laws


  • The initial application fee is $1,130.00 ($1,000 + $130 HST)
  • Annual Renewal fee is $395.50 ($350 + 45.50 HST)

Certificate of Authorization Application Documents & Information:

CDO Certificate of Authorization Application Package [includes all applicable documents and forms].

Annual Renewal

Certificates of Authorization are valid from April 15 to April 14 of the following year. Renewal of Certificates must be completed by April 14.

Considerations When Establishing a Health Profession Corporation

Naming the Corporation

The corporate name must include the following:

  • "Professional Corporation" or "Société Professionnelle”
  • must indicate the health profession (Denturist) 
  • the surname(s) as listed on the College’s Public Register of one or more shareholders of the corporation
  • may also include the Denturist shareholders’ given name(s), one or more of the Denturist shareholders’ initials or a combination of his or her given name and initials.
Here are a few examples:
  • Smith Denturist Professional Corporation
  • Smith Denturologiste Société Professionnelle
  • John Doe Denturist Professional Corporation
  • J. Doe and P. Smith Denturists Professional Corporation


All officers and directors of the Corporation must be shareholders of the Corporation. All the issued and outstanding shares of the Corporation shall be legally and beneficially owned, directly or indirectly, by one or more individuals who hold a valid, current Certificate of Registration issued by the College.

Nature of Business

The Articles of the Health Profession Corporation must provide that the Corporation cannot carry on a business other than the practice of denturism that is governed by the College and activities related to or ancillary to the practice of denturism.

Change of Shareholders

Please submit a Notice of Change of Shareholders Form to the College when there are changes to the status of shareholders in your Health ProfessionCorporation.


Contact: Megan Callaway, Manager, Council & Corporate Services
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