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Canadian Dental Care Plan Updates


The College will update this page accordingly with resources and information regarding the Canadian Dental Care Plan.

​June 11, 2024 - Providing Services on a Claim by Claim Basis

As of July 8, 2024, oral health providers will be able to direct bill Sun Life for services provided on a claim-by-claim basis without formally signing up for the CDCP.

This will make it easier for providers to treat patients and submit CDCP claims to Sun Life for direct reimbursement, whether or not they choose to formally participate. This also means that CDCP clients can see any oral health provider they choose for their care, as long as the provider agrees to direct bill Sun Life for services provided under the plan.

CDCP clients will be responsible for paying any potential remaining amounts directly to their provider. Sun Life will never reimburse a CDCP patient and will only reimburse providers for services covered under the CDCP.

In all cases, by submitting a CDCP claim and accepting payment, providers agree to the terms of the CDCP, either on a claim-by-claim basis or through their formal participation agreement with Sun Life.

Before providing care to CDCP patients, providers will still need to:

  1. confirm patient eligibility for the CDCP through their existing patient intake process
  2. confirm the patient is covered for select services
  3. submit a claim with assignment of benefits (non-assigned claims will be rejected)

June 10, 2024 - Additional Coverage Starting June 27

Starting June 27, applications for the Canadian Dental Care Plan will open for children under 18 and for people 18-64 year old with a valid Disability Tax Credit.

May 2, 2024 - CDCP will be Primary Payer for all Ontario Dental Programs & New Coordination of Benefits Fact Sheets

The Government of Canada has announced that the CDCP will be the primary payer for all Ontario dental programs (including Healthy Smiles and ODSP) and have released fact sheets for how coordination of benefits may work for each individual provinces. 

  • Click here to access the information fact sheets. Ensure you choose the right fact sheet for Ontario.

April 17, 2024 - Open Letter to Oral Health Providers from the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada released an open letter today addressed to oral health providers regarding the CDCP.

  • Click here for the letter from the Government of Canada.
  • Click here to learn how Denturists can participate in the CDCP.
  • Click here for the full 2024 CDCP dental benefit grids.

February 23, 2024 - Information Session Slides and Resources Released.

The Government of Canada has shared the following resources:

We encourage you to review the presentation slides as it contains important information regarding your potential participation, processing payments, and your responsibilities. 

If you have specific questions regarding this plan including registration and fee structure, please reach out to your respective Denturism Associations who are in the best position to answer your questions. The College's role is to pass on any relevant information or resources provided by the Government of Canada to us.