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Open Consultations Deadline Date
By-law Amendment: Fees for Emergency Class of Registration December 2, 2023

As a part of its mandate, the College of Denturists of Ontario develops or amends regulations, by-laws, policies, standards and practice guidelines necessary to regulate the profession.  

Routinely, the College consults with stakeholders – the public, members of the profession, other health regulatory Colleges, professional associations and educators – to get valuable feedback.

The College considers stakeholder consultation for issues that:

  • directly relate to patient or public safety
  • are likely to have a significant impact on denturism practice or operations, or
  • relate to a shared scope of practice and/or will have an impact on inter-professional collaboration

The College will ensure sufficient time to receive, assess, and consider stakeholder feedback, and will share it as per the posting guidelines.

Documents that are available for consultation are posted on the College website with clearly specified submission deadlines, generally 60 days. 

The input of stakeholders helps the College to understand the effectiveness and impact of the proposed changes before final approval, and ensure they are being made in the public interest.

Posting Guidelines

To ensure transparency and encourage open dialogue, the College publishes the feedback it receives in accordance with these guidelines:

  1. Names of individuals are not posted; individuals are categorized as Denturists, applicants or members of the public
  2. Names of organizations are posted with their feedback
  3. The College does not edit feedback
  4. The College does not review and is not responsible for the accuracy of content of any feedback or associated references or links that are posted

The College reserves the right to refuse to post feedback, in whole or in part, that:

  • is unrelated to the policy or issue under consultation
  • contains complaints and/or compliments about specific Denturists, or
  • is abusive, obscene, harassing, threatening or potentially defamatory/libellous
Closed Consultations Deadline Date
By-law Amendment: Registration Year May 9, 2023
2023 Registration Regulation April 15, 2023
Standard of Practice: Professional Boundaries March 13, 2020
Code of Ethics March 13, 2020
Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines March 4, 2020
Professional Misconduct Regulation December 6, 2019
Registration Regulation December 6, 2019
Standard of Practice: Professional Collaboration May 29, 2019
By-law Amendments - Retired Status (2nd Consultation) February 15, 2019
Standard of Practice: Denturism Educators November 19, 2018
By-law Amendments - Retired Status September 24, 2018
Standard of Practice: Advertising June 5, 2018
Proposed Changes to the College By-laws (By-law 33.06) June 5, 2018
Proposed Amendments to the Registration Regulation June 5, 2018
Standard of Practice: Restricted Title and Professional Designations February 16, 2018
Standard of Practice: Conflict of Interest September 15, 2017
Standard of Practice: Advertising and Standard of Practice: Confidentiality and Privacy May 23, 2017
By-law Amendment - Schedule 7 - Fee Schedule February 14, 2017
Proposed Changes to the College By-law Article (By-law 33.06) September 15, 2016
Standard of Practice: Professional Communications May 11, 2016
Standard of Practice: Informed Consent May 11, 2016
Standard of Practice: Decisions about Procedures and Authorization March 20, 2016
Proposed Changes to the College By-laws (By-law 31, 32, 33 and Schedule 4) December 15, 2015