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Registered Denturists

Quality Assurance

Health related professions that are governed by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, are required to develop and maintain a quality assurance program. Quality Assurance programs must include activities and education that foster continuing professional development in a manner that addresses and promotes continuing competence, inter-professional collaboration, changes in practice environments, and standards of practice. Quality Assurance programs must include self, peer and practice assessments and a mechanism for the College to monitor a professional’s participation in, and compliance with, the prescribed program.

With the oversight of Council, the College’s Quality Assurance Committee, develops, implements and monitors the success of the Quality Assurance program. The College’s current Quality Assurance program includes:

Self-Assessment Tool

  • Prior to each CPD cycle, Registered Denturists are required to complete a self-assessment. The self-assessment tool is designed to assist professionals in determining how their individual practices meet the Essential Competencies of Practice for Denturists in Ontario. The results of the self-assessment can be used by professionals to establish specific learning objectives that direct professional development activities.

Continuing Professional Development Portfolio

  • As registered Denturists complete Continuing Professional Development activities, they are required to retain proof of engagement in these activities in a Portfolio. These portfolios are examined by Peer Assessors during a Peer Assessment.

Peer and Practice Assessment

  • Each year, a minimum of five percent of Denturists currently registered with the College are randomly selected to undergo a Peer and Practice Assessment (PPA). The PPA is a conversation between the Peer Assessor and the Denturist that is focused on Continuing Professional Development activities of the Denturist, information contained in the self-assessments and the Continuing Professional Development portfolio. The PPA is designed to monitor a Denturist’s compliance with the elements of the Quality Assurance program and to assist with the identification of areas that may benefit from specific continuing education activities.
  • Once a Denturist has completed a PPA, they are not eligible for selection for a minimum of 5 years.