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Qualifying Examination

The Qualifying Examination is typically administered twice each year. The Winter Examination is held in January and the Summer Examination in June. The most up to date exam information can be found below.


June 2021 Qualifying Examination


Exam Dates

  • Mandatory Candidate Orientation - Completed for June 2021
  • MCQ Exam - Online - Remote Proctored - Tuesday, June 22, 2021
  •  OSCE Exam - (Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the OSCE date is TBD) - see update below.


Registration deadlines

  • Initial application deadlineClosed for June 2021
  • QE registration deadlineClosed for June 2021

For those applicants who are interested in applying for the examination but are concerned about meeting the deadlines, please contact the College by email. The College understands that due to COVID-19, many usual business practices or services may be delayed. The College will work with all potential applicants to ensure consideration of the impact of personal circumstances on a timely application, but you must contact the College with any requests for special consideration.


MCQ Exam Update

The College of Denturists of Ontario, the College of Alberta Denturists, and the College of Denturists of British Columbia are pleased to announce the launch of a common Multi-jurisdictional MCQ Examination. This common examination will be administered for the first time in June 2021. This Multi-jurisdictional MCQ will replace the current provincial MCQ exams administered by each of the three Colleges. This commonality ensures that every examination candidate is afforded a fair, defensible, and standard assessment.

The MCQ examination will be administered remotely in an online format with mandatory (online) remote proctoring. The online format allows the MCQ examination to proceed regardless of changes in the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic. The examination will be administered simultaneously for candidates registered in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

For Ontario candidates, there are no changes to the examination other than a reduction in the number of test questions by 10. The examination will now consist of 240 questions in total, administered in two, 3-hour sessions (AM & PM) on the day of the examination.

For more information regarding the MCQ exam, please view the MCQ Remote Proctor Candidate Information Package and the Candidate Agreement.

OSCE Exam Update

Due to the current dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting governmental restrictions, the OSCE exam will not be administered in June 2021.  

The College will administer the OSCE portion of the Qualifying Examination when the safety of all candidates, standardized patients, assessors, and administration staff can be assured and government restrictions allow. The College is committed to administering this portion of the Qualifying Examination at the earliest possible date and is acutely attentive to changes in the COVID-19 Pandemic dynamics that will impact the scheduling of the OSCE examination.  Due to the rapidly changing conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to pinpoint a date at this time, however, we are currently (optimistically) hoping for opportunities in the early fall. 
The College will keep all candidates updated by email. Candidates are also encouraged to visit the College's website frequently to get the latest up to date information regarding the exam.

Candidates who have concerns about employment that arise because of this postponement in the administration of the clinical OSCE examination, are reminded of the College’s Supervision of Students, Examination Candidates and Potential Examination Candidates policy that provides individuals who are currently examination candidates with opportunities to work in practice under the supervision of a Registered Denturist in Ontario. 

Winter 2022 Qualifying Examination

The exam dates and registration deadlines for the Winter 2022 Qualifying Examination will be annouced in the fall of 2021. 



Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes in government directives that can be brought to bear in response to changes in the character of the pandemic, the College reserves the right to change, cancel or amend any examination dates. 

COVID-19 Precautions and Measures

The College has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan for the Qualifying Examination. The Safety Plan outlines the infection prevention and control measures that the College will institute to safeguard the wellbeing of candidates, standardized patients, exam administrators, exam assessors and College staff.

Please click here to view the College’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.