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Essential Competencies

In health care, essential competencies are the minimum knowledge, skills, and judgement required for a profession. Essential competencies provide a structure to help identify, evaluate, and develop the necessary competencies that ensure safe, competent, and ethical practice.

National Competency Profile

The national entry-to-practice competencies for Denturists were originally developed and approved in 2013. An extensive review and revision of the 2013 profile involving Denturists across the country, educators, and other stakeholders took place in 2019. This resulting revised profile was approved, in 2020, by the Denturism regulators in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. 

The national competency profile will form the basis for the multi-jurisdictional MCQ and OSCE examination that will roll out in 2025.

Historical Competency Profiles

This historical competency profile was replaced with an updated National Competency Profile in 2020.

In 2012 the Colleges of Denturists of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia sponsored a project to develop a national competency profile for the profession and entry-level Denturists. The benefits include:

  • increasing understanding of the profession across Canada
  • supporting provincial registrars in their regulatory functions; creating a basis for developing standards of practice
  • providing a foundation for quality assurance and remediation requirements, and
  • describing the expected outputs from educational programs

In 2013 the College of Denturists of Ontario adopted the National Competency Profile. It was used to help develop the new clinical component of the Qualifying Examination in 2014.