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Protecting The Public

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Mandatory Reporting

Pursuant to the Health Professions Procedural Code (sections 85.1 to 85.6.2), it is a professional obligation for individual health professionals, including registered Denturists, to file a report if they have reasonable grounds, obtained while practising the profession, to believe that another health professional has sexually abused a patient. 

FACILITY OPERATORS (individuals who operate a facility/or clinic where one or more registered Denturists practise) have a mandatory duty to file a report if they:

  • suspect sexual abuse of a patient by a health professional or
  • suspect a health professional to be incompetent or incapacitated

EMPLOYERS have a mandatory duty to file a report if, for reasons of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, they:

  • terminate, revoke, suspend or impose restrictions on the privileges of a Denturist, or
  • dissolve a partnership, a health profession corporation or association with a Denturist

This obligation remains even if the regulated health professional resigned or relinquished any privileges prior to the employer taking action.

Employers, facility operators and health professionals are required to file a mandatory report within 30 days of when the obligation to report arises (when the employer, facility operator or health professional becomes aware of the matter). However, reports must be made immediately when an individual has reasonable grounds to believe that:

  • the professional will continue to sexually abuse the patient or other patients, or
  • the incompetence or the incapacity of the professional is likely to expose the patient to harm or injury, and there is urgent need for intervention.
Mandatory reporting helps to protect the public from the risk of harm.  The College takes this obligation of registered Denturists, other health professionals (including students and interns), employers and facility operators seriously.
Registered Denturists, employers, facility operators, and other health professionals may also communicate concerns that fall outside the mandatory reporting obligations outlined above with the College.   
Download the Mandatory Reporting Form.


For assistance or more information on Mandatory Reporting please contact the College at:
T:    416-925-6331 ext. 225
TF:  1-888-236-4326 ext. 225 (toll-free in Ontario)