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What's New

  • Jul 27 College Publishes Professional Code of Ethics The College has published the Code of Ethics that places into writing the core values and principles that form the foundation for ethical practice for all Registered Denturists. The core values identified in the Code of Ethics include accountability, beneficence, transparency, dignity, integrity, professionalism, and respect. Read More
  • Jun 12 Election Results for Districts 2, 3, 4 & 5 The following professional members have been elected to Council by acclamation: Mr. Norbert Gieger (District 2), Mr. Paul Karolidis (District 3), Mr. Christopher Reis (District 4), and Mr. Garnett A. D. Pryce (District 5). Congratulations to all! Read More

Qualifying Examination Fees

QE Initial Application Fee

$84.75 ($75.00 + $9.75)

Exam Fees

Part I - Written Examination (MCQ)
$904.00 ($800 + 104 HST)

Part II - Clinical Examination (OSCE)
$3616.00 ($3200.00 + $416.00 HST)
First attempt: Subsequent attempts:
Part I: MCQ & Part II: OSCE - $4520.00 ($4000 + 520 HST) Part I: MCQ   - $904.00  ($800 + 104 HST)
Part II: OSCE - $3616.00 ($3200 + 416 HST)

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • Certified Canadian cheque, bank draft or money order payable to “The College of Denturists of Ontario”
  • Visa or MasterCard 
The College regrets that it cannot accept cash or personal cheques.

Fee Receipts

Your receipt will be available for download through the member portal within 2 weeks of the payment deadline.

Full CDO Fee Schedule