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Registered Denturists

Maintaining your Certificate of Authorization

Change of Shareholders

Registered Denturists who hold a  health profession corporation Certificate of Authorization are required to submit a Notice of Change of Shareholders to the College when there are changes to the status of shareholders in their Health Profession Corporation.   

Change of Address and Contact Information to the Corporation

Under Article 34.01 of the College By-laws, health profession corporations are required to inform the College in writing within 30 days of a change to their Corporation address, practice address, and contact information.   In addition to providing the College with a notice of these changes, registered Denturists who hold a Certificate of Authorization are required to make any updates of this nature in the online member portal using their Certificate of Authorization login. 

Change of Corporation Name or Changes to Articles of Incorporation 

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act and the College By-laws, Health Profession Corporations are required to notify the College within 30 days of a change to their Corporation name and any changes in the articles of incorporation. Notice must be in writing and include a copy of the Certificate of Amendment provided by the Ministry of Government Services.



Upon amalgamation with another Corporation, a Health Profession Corporation ceases to exist as an entity separate from the newly amalgamated Corporation, and its Certificate of Authorization may be revoked.
In the event of revocation of an existing Certificate of Authorization, as a result of amalgamation, the new Corporation formed as a result of the amalgamation must operate under a newly issued Certificate of Authorization.  



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