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Registered Denturists


The Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) is designed to assist members in self-identifying areas within their practise that may require further education, training or review. Completing the SAT will assist members in facilitating the achievement of their professional goals.
In order to encourage honest self-reflection amongst members, individual responses are not collected or reviewed by the College or the Quality Assurance Committee.  Aggregate data is used to inform evidence-based decision making and identify trends that may require specific CPD development.

Members will complete a questionnaire that consists of a list of performance indicators and a rating scale.
Rating Scale:
  • 5 = I fully understand the indicator and apply it consistently.
  • 4 = I fully understand the indicator but could improve on applying it consistently.
  • 3 = I could benefit from further education/training regarding this indicator and how to apply it.
  • 2 = I need to improve my understanding of this indicator and how to apply it.
  • 1 = I am not familiar with and/or I do not understand this indicator.
  • N/A = I understand this indicator but it is not applicable to my current practice.
Once the questionnaire is submitted, the tool will calculate the member’s average rating for each practice domain and each competency. Indicators that have a rating of “N/A” are excluded from the calculation. All indicators are weighted equally.
The Member Response Profile provides a visual respresentation of the member’s self-assessment based on the averages calculated from the questionnaire.

Members will select 3 CPD goals based on their self-ratings from the questionnaire.

The SAT Manual provides instructions for accessing the online questionnaire.