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Registered Denturists

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Colleges which regulate health professions under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 are required to develop, maintain and administer a quality assurance program. The Quality Assurance program must:

  • include continuing professional development that promotes continuing competence, quality improvement, and inter-professional collaboration
  • addresses changes in practice environments, and
  • incorporate standards of practice, advances in technology, and changes made to entry to practice competencies

Quality Assurance programs must include self, peer and practice assessments and a mechanism by which the College can monitor a member’s participation in, and compliance with, the program.

The development and oversight of the Quality Assurance program is the responsibility of the College’s Quality Assurance Committee.

Continuing Professional Development

On an annual basis, registered Denturists are required to obtain and report Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. Denturists must obtain a minimum of 60 CPD hours every three years with a minimum of 10 CPD hours per year. Details of the credit and reporting requirements are contained in the 2022-2025 Continuing Professional Development Guide and the CPD: Just the Facts!

The objectives of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program are to promote continuing competence and professionalism at all stages of a Denturist's career. To be eligible for credit, activities must have significant intellectual and/or practical content related to the practice of denturism and/or the management of the denturist practice. Activities can also be related to the involvement in professional regulatory processes or professional associations.

Reporting Credits


CPD credits are reported online through the Member Portal. Credits obtained during a single year must be reported prior to the March 31 deadline for renewal of a Denturist’s Certificate of Registration.

Three Year Cycle (2022-2025)

In order to provide registered Denturists with some flexibility in completing CPD credits, the number of credits obtained during a single year can vary from year to year over the three year cycle.

However, the minimum number of credits required for a 3 year cycle must be met and reported at the end of the three year cycle.

Records of Continuing Professional Development Activities

Evidence related to the completion of CPD activities (i.e., course descriptions, certificates, receipts, course syllabi, etc.), must be retained by a member and may be requested by an Assessor and/or the Quality Assurance Committee.